The ‘Berzerk’ rapper joined ESPN‘s Kerk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger for the coverage of the game between Notre Dame and Michigan, but put in a bizarre performance.

He began the interview looking spaced out, with his mouth open and glazed eyes, and after being asked a question admitted: “Sorry, live TV freaks me out a little bit.”

Eminem continued to surprise when he was asked what excites him the most about his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

“Nothing,” he replied blankly, before adding: “It’ll be out November 5. I’ll probably be mostly excited just to be done with it.”

He shrugged as he continued: “It’s kind of a revisit to the first Marshall Mathers LP and that’s pretty much all I can probably say about it.”

Elsewhere in the appearance, Eminem refused to comment too strongly on the chances of his team the Detroit Lions because he didn’t want to “jinx it” and gushed about Musburger’s career.

“Kerk, you’re great too, much respect,” he said, before turning back to Musburger to describe him as a “legend”.

When Musburger pointed out that Eminem has achieved great success himself, the rapper replied: “Yeah. I’m really uncomfortable right now.”


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