Andre 3000 Tweet


Fans have been waiting for Andre 3000 to come out of his shell and put out some new music for a while now. After teasing with some rare feature appearances, and after rumors of an Outkast reunion turned out to be just rumors, it seemed it would be a long time before we would get a new album from 3K. According to a tweet by BET’s president of music programing Stephen Hill, fans wont have to wait too much longer. Hill recently took to Twitter recounting a conversation he had with Stacks backstage at the America’s Most Wanted tour in DC and said the elusive rapper told him he has a solo album coming out early next year. “Me: hey what’s up? You got the movie coming,right? Andre 3000: yeah…and I got a solo album coming top of the year. Me:*droptofloor*,” he typed. As previously reported, Benjamin was recently spotted in the studio with white hot Atlanta producer Mike Will. The rapper has been working on expanding his acting portfolio and is playing the lead role of the Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming biopic, All By My Side which will premier in September. Do you really think a new Andre 3000 LP will touch down next year?


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