Is Lil Wayne defacing the American Flag or is he making a statement about society? Check out the video below and decide for your self!


God Bless Amerika Lyrics:

Damn, military minded, lost and can’t find it
The stars on the flag are never shining
Uh, I saw a butterfly in hell today
Will I die or go to jail today?
Cause I live by the sword and die by the sword
Heard police was looking for me, I’mma hide by abroad
Shootin stars in my pocket, bitch sit on my rocket
I’m wired off a socket, but still shocking
Everybody wanna tell me what I need
You can play a role in my life but not the lead
If there’s food for thought then I’m guilty of greed
Mama said take what you want – I took heed yea
Now let it breathe, yea, back to life, back to reality


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