Angel Haze and Iggy Azalea are two of the most exciting rappers around at the moment, female or otherwise, and the audience at London’s Scala last night were treated to a duet from the two rappers. Watch video of the duet below.

The rivalry between the three eminent female rappers in America at the moment, Iggy, Angel and Azealia Banks, has been hyped into something resembling a feud.

While Banks doesn’t seem to have much problem with feuding bitterly with the competition, Iggy and Angel seem more interested in supporting each other, which is refreshing.

Haze welcomed Iggy on stage during her London show (May 7) and the two performed ‘Otis’, originally performed by Kanye West and Jay-Z, and the pair made their point clear.

“No more pitting your favourite female rappers against each other,” Angel told the crowd.

“Angel’s always going to have a friend in me,” Iggy added.

“I support her… She’s a f**king star. She’s the future.”

The two then continued to show their love for each other over Twitter later that night.

“Thanks for inviting me out @AngelHaze so happy we did this! We’re just getting started!” Iggy tweeted.

Haze replied: “Thank you so much @IGGYAZALEA. You are the best bitch ever.”

By contrast Azealia Banks has never shown any interest in forging links with the other rising stars of the rap world, and has continuously alienated and insulted other musical figures.

So far she has not reacted to the news of the other rappers onstage team up.


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