Check out the tracklisting for ‘Better’ from Chisette Michele which drops June 11, 2013.

Better Tracklisting

1. “Be in Love”
2. “A Couple of Forevers”
3. “Let Me Win”
4. “Rich Hipster” feat. Wale
5. “Love Won’t Leave Me Out”
6. “Interlude (In My Head Better)”
7. “Better”
8. “Snow”
9. “Visual Love”
10. “Charades” feat. 2 Chainz
11. “Interlude (In My Heart Convo With Boyfriend)”
12. “You Mean That Much to Me”
13. “Supa”
14. “Interlude (In My Bed Sleeping Alone)”
15. “Get Through the Night”
16. “Can the Cool Be Loved” feat. Bilal & Dunson

Deluxe Edition
17. “Ten Foot Stilettos”
18. “Interlude (Perch Yo Girlz Phone Convo)”
19. “I’m Still Fly”
20. “Love in the Afternoon” feat. Nello Luchi


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