Source: soulculture.co.uk

A copy of Kanye West‘s original 2001 demo tape has found its way online for fans and critics alike to digest – dig in for some earlier examples of the Hip-Hop aficionado’s talent for cooking up soulful beats and spitting complex rhymes.

Featuring demo versions of “Jesus Walks” and “Family Business,” lesser known joints such as “Out Of Your Mind” and “Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)” also come to light on this 15-track early offering, along with renamed versions of “All Falls Down” (“Dream Come True”) and “Bring Me Down” (“Have It Your Way”).

You can download the collection of pre-College Dropout ‘Ye titled The Prerequisite by clicking here – shout outs go to the regular KanyeToThe forum contributors for putting this one out there.

Kanye West – The Prerequisite (2001 Demo Tape) Tracklist

1. Home (Windy)
2. Jesus Walks
3. Have It Your Way
4. Out Of Your Mind
5. Wow!
6. Need To Know
7. Gotta Pose
8. Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)
9. Hey Mama
10. Know The Game
11. Family Business
12. Dream Come True
13. Freestyle
14. Last Freestyle
15. Heartbeat


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