By Skyyhook, Contributing Editor

TMZ has exclusive video of Sean Penn’s son Hopper, ramming in to an African-American photographer and first saying you’re a f**king fa**got!  To which the  photog says, “Ohh word?! That’s the kind of talk you’re teaching him Sean?” At this point,  Hopper turned around and said, “Shut up you f**king ni**er!

This is so far past anything imaginable coming from a child raised by Sean Penn. To think that he has a racist bone in his body would be saying a lot! First of all Sean Penn is known in Hollywood for dating black women! But then when you think about his personal humanitarian efforts during both Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, you must quickly dismiss this as something that his son could have possibly learned from him.

His son is 19 years old and beyond controlling at this point, however Sean should probably say something and soon, before the story gets away from him. And he had better be preparing his son for what kind of backlash and drama is about to come his way as a result of this!  He’s not gonna be too safe walking down the LA streets alone after saying vile, racist and homophobic things like that!  However, he did give a statement to TMZ about his actions. Says Hopper;

“I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal – threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions.”I deeply regret my choice of words.”

Check the video out by clicking here! And you tell us, did you see paparazzi treating him the way he claims to have been treated?

    **Warning: Video contains graphic and offensive language**

sean-and-hopper-penn 750


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