Halasan Bazar

Five musicians converge in Denmark to revel in their love for psychedelia and folk-dipped aural sounds and label it Halasan Bazar. Their new LP, Space Junk, will be released on April 2 via Crash Symbols.Halasan Bazar takes a turn and dirties it up onSpace Junk, for a more unfettered rock jam. (Don’t worry these guys still love their retro-matics). If you want a break from the over digitized music here is Halasan and Bazar!

As a preview to Space Junk, Halasan Bazar is offering a free download of the lead single, “Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Sad”  – a title we can all relate to.

Live Show dates:

April 17th – Lille Le Rouge
April 18th – Paris L’Espace B
April 19th – Angers Un Brin Folk
April 23rd – Giessen AK44
April Berlin tbc
May 3-4th – SPOT Aarhus
May 11th – Hamburg Aalhaus
June 22nd – Brussels Oh My Garden

web: http://halasanbazar.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Halasanbazar
sound: http://soundcloud.com/halasanbazar


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